Excel Metal Roofing

Versailles, Missouri
Located at Lake of the Ozarks

Rubber Roof Coatings..... May Be Tax Deductable!!!

"Consult Your Tax Advisor"

Rubber roof coatings may be classed as maintenance and deducted in first year. Check with your tax advisor.



"Excel Metal Roofing LLC" is the Independent Certified Installer in Mid-Missouri for Topps Roof coatings.


Metal Roof Repairs With Topps Products.


Replace fasteners

Ebedding PolyCore™

RivetGuard™ seals seams




Polyprene repair

Flashing repair with Polyprene™

PolyCore™ reinforcement




Repairs most always indicate need for additional work to prevent further problems. Using Topps repair materials you can convert some of the roof’s most critical areas into the strongest. This together with a well thought out maintenance plan to prevent further issues has proven to be the most prudent approach to your roof’s service life.

Topps repair products are formulated using 100% rubber, making them the strongest, most resilient, and most versatile products for repairing roofs on the market today.