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What are the benefits of a metal roof?

Since you'll never have to reroof your home again, metal roofs (touting 20 to 30-year to lifetime transferable paint warranties) make long-term economic sense for any consumer. And in addition to longevity they're fireproof, qualifying for discounts with many insurance companies. Metal Roofs have been known to last up to 100 years.

Another money-saving advantage of a metal roofing system is reduced energy bills and better comfort. Metal roofs reject much of the sun's heat, compared to asphalt shingles that absorb it.

Because of their low weight most metal roofs can oftentimes be installed over existing roofing systems, saving you tear-off and disposal expenses. And installing a metal roof is also good for the environment. Each year, billions of pounds of old asphalt shingles end up in landfills. On the other hand, the recycled content of the steel in a metal roof is about 56% from production to installation to reuse -- far superior to asphalt.
Will a metal roof match my home and the roof styles in my neighborhood?

Today's cutting edge metal roofing resembles any other roofing material -- including asphalt shingle, cedar shake, clay tile or slate roofing. From the ground, you won't be able to tell the difference. Others prefer a style, like "standing seam," that definitely looks like a metal roof, for a distinctive, elegant look.

As always, we're happy to provide you with samples to help you compare. And in many cases we can provide you with addresses to drive by as well. Give us a call -- we're here to help.
How does a metal roof stand up to extreme weather?

A metal roof can withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather like high winds, heavy snow, hailstorms, and even wildfires. For example, metal roofing has a 120-mph wind rating, meaning it can withstand wind gusts equal to an F2 tornado. You'll also be pleased to know that metal roofing sheds snow fast, which protects the structural integrity of the roof. And it can eliminate ice damming at the eves, so water can't back up and collect under the roof and then leak into your home.
Is metal roofing noiser than other roofing systems?

Nope. When installed with solid sheathing (which prevents vibration and deadens sound), a metal roof will silence noise from rain, hail and bad weather as well - if not better - than any other roofing material.
Does a metal roof attract lightning?

Remember this: lightning is attracted to the highest point in the vicinity it hits, which may not necessarily be your roof. That being said, a metal roof has no greater chance of being struck by lightning than any other type of roof. However, if it is hit by lightning, a metal roof can help prevent a fire because it dissipates electrical charges. And more importantly, metal is noncombustible.
How do you determine your pricing?

A number of factors are considered when estimating the cost of replacing a roof.   But as a general rule the following elements will come into play, regardless of the contractor you choose:

PITCH:  The steepness of your roof.

NUMBER OF STORIES:  The height(s) of your roof from the ground.

ACCESSIBILITY TO THE ROOF:   Can a dumpster or dump truck pull up to your garage, or must material be carried to and from the street?

TEAR-OFFS:  The removal and disposal costs of your existing roofing material.

COMPLEXITY:  Homes with dormers and valleys  chimneys, skylights, etc., require more flashing and labor to prevent leaks from occuring. 

We invite you to contact us for complimentary samples, as well as addresses to drive by utilizing the style and color of roofing systems that interest you.
How soon can you get my roof done, and how long will it take?

To be fair, all jobs are scheduled in the order in which we receive signed contracts, unless you request an installation time beyond our current backlog.

Resendential reroofs typically take 1-4 days to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the job and the agreeability of Mother Nature.

We'll contact you about1-2 days before the work begins.

A good rule of thumb regarding roofing start dates is this:   for every day of inclement weather during your countdown, add another day to the arrival of your crew.

We enjoy working outdoors, and are about as agile and good balanced as they come.  But roofing is a dangerous occupation, particularly in wet and windy weather.  Therefore, to protect the lives of our crews and not expose your roof's decking to unnecessary water damage, our policy is to not tear off any more shingles than can be replaced on any given day.

How can I prepare my home for reroofing?

INTERIOR:  If you use your attic or garage for storage, you may want to cover or remove selected items before we begin our work.  During reroofing we sometimes find boards that are not tight, allowing small pieces of dirt and debris to fall inside as we remove your old roof and install a new one.

Remember, too, that vibrations (primarily hammering) may shake items off your shelves or walls.  To safeguard your pictures, plates, figurines, etc. we recommend that you protect them until our work has been completed.

EXTERIOR:  Because we're "nit-picky" by nature, we go the extra mile to attract crew members that are proud of their work, pleasant to be around, and respectful of our clients' possessions.  Likewise, if we notice something on your property that may be damaged by falling debris, we'll either cover or move it, if possible.   Nevertheless, we ask you to please remove any portable items (i.e. potted plants, patio furniture, toys, etc.) located near the perimeter of your home before our arrival.   If you have special concerns, (i.e. flower beds, bushes, driveway space, etc.) please bring them to our attention before we begin and we'll be certain to address them.

Finally, due to the novelty associated with roofing, and the heights at which we perform our work, it's no surprise that our efforts attract the attention of onlookers.  For safety reasons, we ask that you instruct your children (if applicable) to stay clear of the work area.  It's also a good idea to alert your neighbors, so they have the opportunity to instruct their children as well.
Why should I choose Excel Metal Roofing to roof my house?

Our short answer is this:

* We know what we're doing.

* We don't cut corners.

* We keep our promises.

* And we're competitively priced.

Our longer, more complete answer is this:

If you want your roofing project done right the first time, work with us.   We pay attention to DETAILS -- so much so that we're considered "picky" by our suppliers and "perfectionists" by our crewmembers.  It's a reputation we prefer.

Also, if you lack knowledge about roofing and don't want to be preyed upon, work with us.  There are fast-talking, self-serving wolves in any profession, including ours, and we've made it a point to walk a different path.

Finally, if you want the assurance of a quality roof overhead, and the satisfaction that your hard-earned dollars have been wisely spent, consider doing the following:

Take the time to explore our Web site (there's a lot of user-friendly information here to get you rolling) and write down a list of questions that come to mind.   Then contact us for a free, no-obligation assessment of your roof, followed by a thoughtful conversation to address your questions and explore your options .

Remember, no matter who you end up working with, when all is said and done you're going to need more than proposals alone.   What you're going to need most of all is someone to rely on -- someone to trust.

We hope to be that "someone."   And we hope to do it by EARNING your respect, and exceeding your expectations.

Let's get started Now!