Excel Metal Roofing

Versailles, Missouri Located at Lake of the Ozarks

Rubber Roof Coatings..... May Be Tax Deductable!!

"Consult Your Tax Advisor"
"Excel Metal Roofing LLC" is the Independent Certified Installer in
Mid-Missouri for Topps Roof coatings.


Our 100% liquid applied rubber roofing meets demanding needs. 

Metal Roofs seldom wear out.  

They're lost from lack of maintance.

Temperature changes loosen components. Weather erodes the thin protective finish. The result is leaks and surface rust.

Discover the amazing Topps Seal liquid applied 100% rubber system that corrects this and saves unnecessary replacement expense. This comprehensive system seals and locks in every fastener beneath a seamless rubber membrane that moves as needed. Adapts to any shape. Performs in all climates. The durable solution -- available to you in 12 attractive colors.

"For when it's not a new roof you need. but a better roof! At 1/3 the cost!"           

Preparation: Power washing and RustArrestor prepare the surface for direct adhesion of the Topps system.

Fasteners: After all fasteners are tightened, new ones added as necessary, each is sealed tight with Rivet Guard.

Seams: RivetGuard sprayed into seams eliminates the source of most future roof leaks.

Surface: Topps Seal seamless weatherproofing completes the process with a durable, weather resistant, attractive barrier.

Intended for Commercial & Industrial Use Only